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UK Customer Visit Best Technology on Aug 9th, 2018

Friday, August 10th, 2018

It is quite√ā¬†a hot day Aug 9th, 2018.√ā¬†We√ā¬†have our nice UK customers visit us on√ā¬†such hot day. That√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs really appreciated.
Both of them are very easygoing, we started to discuss the capability to manufacturing√ā¬†the 14 Layer PCB, customer were concern the impedance control well as well as other specification on the√ā¬†board such as the thickness of the immersion gold. Except FR4 PCB, We also showed other kinds PCB we made to customer, such as Rigid-flex circuit,√ā¬†FPC,√ā¬†metal core PCB,√ā¬†Ceramic PCB√ā¬†, as well as some √ā¬†special PCB,√ā¬†√ā¬†Heavy copper PCB,√ā¬†√ā¬†High Tg PCB,√ā¬†√ā¬† PCB assembly√ā¬† products.


After a short meeting in our office, we bring customer to see our PCB Manufacturing Production√ā¬†Line.
Firstly we showed customer our different Tests Equipment√ā¬†including Impedance Tester, Copper Thickness Tester, Gold thickness Tester, etc.


And then we bring customer to see the different process for how to make the PCB.
Developing Process


Drilling Process


E-Testing Process


After that, we go to our QA line to showing customer how we do the board inspection√ā¬†before we send out the PCB to our customers.


Customer was very happy and satisfy with everything they see in our PCB Plant.


Wish next time we√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘll have chance to have lunch or dinner with√ā¬†customer to talk more.

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The 12th Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

How time flies!

June 28th√ā¬†is the 12th√ā¬†birthday of Best Technology.


On this special day, we got together and had a big party to celebrate the successes of a year gone by and prepare for hard work to be rewarded in the new year.

When we think of yesterday, we never forget the sales amount is only $8,000.00 in 2006, but it will be around $8,000,000.00 this year.

Thanks to founder√ā¬†Peter√ā¬†and other member√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs hard work, Best Technology keep growing day by day, and reach such a great achievements√ā¬†by far.

peter telling

Peter was telling us why we can√ā¬†make it.

The reasons are:

  1. We have rich experienceto manufacture Metal Core PCB (MCPCB), ceramic PCB and other kinds of PCBs, esp on some special boards such as heavy copper PCB (up to 30OZ), extra thin PCB (0.1-0.3mm), Rigid-flex circuits, so customers always only need to use us to meet all her different requirements of circuit boards.
  2. We have our own raw material factory for MCPCB, we can control the quality from sourcing the material.
  3. We can provide one-stop service(Manufacture PCB, source components and do SMT).
  4. The most important reason is we are alwayshold on to our mission: to provide customer the most suitable product and most satisfied services.



We are not only a best team, but also a harmonious family, we are together to fight for a better future in the coming 12 years.

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Welcome Israel Friends visit us

Friday, April 27th, 2018

In√ā¬†the morning of April 24th, 2018, our customer from Israel visited our company. They are very nice and easygoing.

Firstly we had a short meeting in our office to discuss some PCBA projects and component, also we invite them√ā¬†to see our company√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs video, which they know√ā¬†more about our capability on PCB, Rigid-flex circuit, FPC, metal core PCB, Ceramic PCB and lead time for different circuit boards.


After that, we moved to our SMT plant, where is only 15 minutes far from our office.

In our PCB Assembly plant, we show customers PCBA (SMT) process: First put PCB on Auto-loading machine, then transfer to Auto-Solder-paste-printer, after than go to the next step of components pick & place by SMT machine, after visual checking, board will go throw to reflow oven, QC will check each piece of board after reflowing and then do function testing, or move to AOI process to make sure all components are on the correct position and direction, as well as X-ray testing for the boards with BGA.


Each step was monitor and operators are√ā¬†following up with the SOP, to make sure quality is always controlled, and customer are interesting√ā¬†in how we test the assembly boards using testing fixture.



Customer is very happy with our SMT procedure√ā¬†and become more confident in placing more circuit board and PCBA order with Best Technology. After the meeting, we have a quick but delicious√ā¬†Chinese lunch together. And we will visit that customer in the end of May and believe by that time, we can do more things together, as well as good memories√ā¬†with each other.

Appreciate√ā¬†again for their√ā¬†valuable time to√ā¬†visit us, that’s our great√ā¬†pleasure to√ā¬†have that√ā¬†forenoon with them.√ā¬†Look forward seeing√ā¬†them again in Israel in the end of May.

We always welcome customer to visit us, so that they can know about what we can make, not only providing various types of printed circuit board, but also always supporting customer best service with good price.


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New Automatic Solder paste Printer Adopted in SMT & PCBA

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Great news! We (Best Technology) had adopted a new Automatic Solder paste printer for SMT /PCBA since Aug 25th, 2016. We use “G5” which is No. 1 brand in domestic market, made by a Chinese company, the repeated position accuracy is +/-0.01mm, and printing accuracy is +/-0.025mm.

Everybody know the most important element which will affect the quality of SMT /PCBA is the solder past printing quality. Excellent solder paste printing is the base for excellent quality of final SMT /PCBA quality, esp. for the small components such as SMD Chips with small size as 0402, 0201, 01005; IC with small pitch package such QFN, LGA, BGA; Connector with 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.40mm pitch.

Here are some pictures of new Automatic Solder paste printer.

Auto Solder Paste Printer

Auto Solder Paste Printer

Auto Solder Paste Printer printing the board

Auto Solder Paste Printer printing the board

Auto Solder Paste Printer with PCB printing

Auto Solder Paste Printer with PCB printing

PCB with solder paste

PCB with solder paste

Welcome customers release more SMT /PCBA orders to us. To learn more about Automatic Solder paste printer, or our SMT /PCBA service, please contact us right now!

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Does all kinds of PCB in one panel and combine them together with SMT are available ?

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Yes, we produced all kinds of FR4 PCB in one panel and also combine two kinds FR4 PCB together with SMT so far.


Please check the following pictures to know more detail.

  • We put all kinds of boards in one panel to produce, after finish production and separate the boards, you can get several FR4 PCB.
different design in on panel

Different design in on panel

Different design in one panel

Different design in one panel

  • We produced the bare board separately and combine them with SMT.

We provide turnkey assembly service, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about PCB manufacturing and assembly.

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Company PCB & SMT Video Online Now!

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Good news! Our company Video of PCB & SMT was online now! √ā¬†You can see our team member, facility, production capability (includes FR4 PCB, Metal Core PCB, Ceramic PCB, Flexible Circuit, SMT (PCBA), to see how we continue to improve ourselves, to provide best service to our customers.

Please watch the following video on YouTuBe if you cannot open the√ā¬†above video.

Remember Best Technology will be your best choice of printed circuit board, most reliable partner in China!

Welcome to contact us today for more inquiries of various circuit boards.

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Simple Solderability Test Experiment

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

As is well known, solderability is very important for any type of printed circuit boards, we must do solderability test of each batch PCB we made. In this way we can inspect the weldability of the PCB before we go ahead the assembly process, much helpful for SMT.

In our circuit board manufacturing workshop, we have professional equipment to do that testing. But normally these equipment was expensive, and a lot of people want to know a simple and cheap way to do that solderability testing, so today we are doing a simple solderability test and show you all the steps.

1. Take a small solder pot, plug in the power, turn on the switch and heat the solder pot to a certain high temperature(about 8 minutes).
2. Put a tin bar to the solder pot, then you can see the tin bar is begin to melting, slowly into liquid tin, then more and more.

Tin Bar

Tin Bar

3. After few minutes, there will be enough melting liquid tin in the solder pot to do this test.

melting tin


4.Use a tweezers to pick up a PCB circuit, first clean the PCB with rubbing alcohol. Because the unclear surface or the oxidation of the PCB will affect the test result.Pick-up-the-PCBclean the PCB
5. This is the key step of this test, put the PCB into the solder pot, depth about 2 mm,time 4-5 seconds is ok. Then you can see the tin will go into the hole of the PCB.

Solderability Test 1

Solderability Test 1

Solderability Test 2

Solderability Test 2

6. Take out the PCB from the solder pot and put it into the cold water. After few seconds, you can see the experimental effect.

Test Results

Test Results

This solderability test is very simple and easy. We can see the results very soon. We,√ā¬†Best Technology did solderability of every batch PCB we made, and we also supply our customers with the solderability test report and the test samples.

Any comments about that, leave your message or write email to us. Best Technology, always to be your best partner of circuit boards in China!

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