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PCB prototype is not normal PCB manufacturing service, sometimes also be called PCB sample. But PCB prototype service will increase the operating costs, meanwhile for PCB, cost control is a higher demand, which is the reason why lots of PCB manufacturer don't provide PCB prototype service. But the good news is that we provide PCB prototype service with FR4 PCB, Ceramic PCB, MCPCB, HDI PCB, heavy copper PCB, High TG PCB, RF PCB and so on. Pls let us know if you have any questions about PCB.

Why PCB prototype?

PCB prototype is needed by students, electronic designer or some custom productions, they don't need much PCB, maybe just less than 10 pcs to test. All the PCB factories would better mass production, but no PCB prototype no production, nobody can process mass production without testing PCB sample.New production with new design, company have to test if the new design is fine.

Fast PCB prototype

Most PCB prototype service have to be finished quickly, because the customers need them to test ASAP, so we provide fast PCB prototype service if need.Meanwhile lots of PCB customers can't understand why the lead time is same whether they order 1 pcs or 100 pcs, the reason is that manufacturing 1 pcs PCB have same PCB manufacturing process with manufacturing 100pcs, for example, 1 pcs PCB also have to do drilling, etching, soldermask and so on. For 1 pcs and 100 pcs, any manufacturing process will have to take same time, if the board size is not very big.

PCB prototype unit cost

Some electronic designer complain the when they require PCB prototype service, the unit cost in PCB prototype quote list is much higher than mass production.As we talk about the lead time above, PCB prototype have to do all the manufacturing process, so some fixed costs is are inevitable, such as time costs.

How should good PCB prototype service be?

If you would like to get PCB prototype service from PCB manufacturer except the quality and price? You will need fast prototype services if you would like to get and test your PCB ASAP, so the lead time is very important for you.Meanwhile if you need PCB, electronic components and PCB assembly service, you may would better to get turnkey or one stop PCB assembly service. So for PCB prototype service, fast lead time and turnkey service should be a good PCB prototype supplier have to do.

If you need PCB prototype, pls visit for lead time, meanwhile we also provide urgent service, so pls contact us if your PCB order is urgent.