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No Holiday, No job. When release the order within us and calculate the lead time, please consider our holiday so that you will know exactly the boards will be shipped out from our facility .

Here are 2019 our Holiday Schedule

New Year's Day
Jan 1, 2019
Jan 1, 2019
Spring Festival
Jan 30/31,2019
Feb 12,2019
Tomb Sweeping Day
April 5,2019
April 7,2019
National Labor Day
May 1,2019
May 1,2019
Dragon Boat Festival
June 7,2019
June 9,2019
Mid-Autumn Festival
Sep 13,2019
Sep 15,2019
National Day
Sep 29,2019
Oct 3,2019
Dec 25,2019
Dec 25,2019

At the same time, please remember always deduct the weekend from the lead time range.

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