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We also provide stencil for SMT, and most of them are laser cutting. (Etching stencil also available). State-of-art make us win the satisfactory from customers, including Emerson, Flextronis, for our stencil.

SMT Stencil
Why Choose BEST as your SMT Stencil Vendor?

Standard Technolog for All Stencils

  • Fast delivery: 1 working from receipt of order (refer offer conditions), cut-off time: AM 12:00, GMT+8, Beijing/Hong Kong Time
  • Direct input of data through customers’ electrical files (Gerber, PCB, CAD, Protel, etc) minimizes the chance of errors
  • Cheap cost: To save your cost. For 370*470mm framed, etched stencil, only $39; laser cutting one: $69.
  • Framed stencil and unframed stencil available
  • High accuracy: tolerance ≤ ± 4 μm
  • High smoothness of PAD opening walls ensures easy release of solder paste; reduce the cleaning times and increase SMT efficiency; Roughness ≤ ±2 μm
  • All laser cut stencils are electro-polished
  • Made of stainless steel (PE stencil also available)
  • Fiducial marks can be made virtually anywhere on every side
  • Tapered pad walls help the adhesion of solder paste to PCB
  • Printing errors are reduced due to our technology processes and attention to detail
  • Unlimited number of opening
  • Various thickness available: 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, up to 0.60mm
  • Suitable package make sure no damage during transportation
  • Cheap freight charge: Special Discount for FedEx
  • Short transportation period: FedEx/UPS/DHL/TNT ship stencil to you fast, one day for Asian; two days for European and American & Canada, three days for most of other countries

Special Technology Available (Optional)

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