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Company PCB & SMT Video Online Now!

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Good news! Our company Video of PCB & SMT was online now!  You can see our team member, facility, production capability (includes FR4 PCB, Metal Core PCB, Ceramic PCB, Flexible Circuit, SMT (PCBA), to see how we continue to improve ourselves, to provide best service to our customers.

Please watch the following video on YouTuBe if you cannot open the above video.

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What the Maximum Current the Thick Film Ceramic PCB can be Carried?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

A lot of customers ask us what the biggest current his circuit can be carried, or how can I got a 6 Amps trace? We believe most of engineer design the thick film ceramic PCB, he will consider that, so we share information bellowing and hope it’ll be helpful for you.

When you try to know current, you also need to know the watts of trace will be, and then need to know the power density of thick film ceramic PCB firstly. The power density for conductor itself should be limited to max 600 Watt/inch2 of conductor surface. And power density for an Al2O3 substrate should be limited to 8 Watts/in2 (for the total of all conductors on top of it).

If you have a Ag conductor line of 0.3inch long, 0.010 inch wide (=30 square (0.3/0.01)), the surface area is 0.3 x 0.01 = 0.003 in2. This means the carrying powder P is limited to 600 (power density) x 0.003 (area) = 1.8 watts.

Assume conductor resistivity is 6mOhm/sq/12.5um (material P/N: ESL9562), the resistance value R = 30 sq x 6mOhm = 0.18 ohm.

Power = I2 x R, or I2 =Power/R=1.8/0.18 = 10, so the carrying current limit I = 3.16 amps. Or in a short equation,

I (amps) = line width (inch) x (power density)1/2 / (sheet resistance, ohm) 1/2

  1. If the trace keep 0.3 inch long, but change width to 0.02inch, (=15 square (0.3/0.02), the surface area is 0.3 x 0.02 = 0.006 in2. This means the carrying powder P is limited to 600 (power density) x 0.006 (area) = 6 watts.
    And resistance value for that trace will be 15 square x 6mOhm = 0.09 ohm, and then 3.6/0.09= 40, I=6.325 amps.
  2. If the trace width keep 0.01inch, but change line to 0.6 inch long (=60 square (0.6/0.01), the surface area is 0.6 x 0.01 = 0.006 in2. This means the carrying powder P is the same as 6 watts. (600×0.006).
    But the resistance value for that trace will change to be 60 square x 6mOhm = 0.36 ohm, and then 3.6/0.36= 10, I=3.16 amps. So you can see, it’s no useful to change the trace line.

So if you want to have bigger current for thick film ceramic PCB, then you need to increase the width of trace.

Hope above is clear for everybody. Please leave your comments on that power density of thick film ceramic PCB.

Bigger size of Ceramic PCB is Available Now!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Good news! This month we have used a new machine which can print much bigger size of silver palladium, Gold palladium, and glass glaze on Thick Film Ceramic PCB.

Currently the normal dimension in thick film Ceramic PCB is about 80 x 138mm and that size has already limited a lot of designs. You can’t put too much trace, PAD on such smaller size board, and the you have to use 2 layer, or 4 layers ceramic board to put more trace. And of course, that will increase a lot of cost definitely!

Now, we can make 200 x 200mm (8×8 inch). Thinking about the normal 80x138mm and you will find out this is an extreme improving! See bellowing pictures show the comparing!

Ceramic PCB size comparing

Ceramic PCB size comparing

So now you don’t need to worry about the size! You can design as big as you want!

And we are also continuing to adopt first-of-art machine and technology to make bigger size, higher quality Ceramic PCB!

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