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5G Will Drive the Development of PCB

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

As the basic material of the digital products, PCB possesses a vast market. It can be applied to a variety of industries, including communications, computers, digital products and automobiles. Communications and computers account for the largest part.

5G era is around the corner, and China plans to achieve official commercialization of 5G network by 2020. The development of 5G puts higher requirements on the performance of PCB substrate, especially reflected in the followings:

1.      Low loss, high reliability

2.      High frequency

3.      High frequency PCB structure

4.      Low cost


It is reported that 5G RF (radio frequency) will introduce Massive MIMO technology that requires communication with a wider spectrum and wider bandwidth in the millimeter wave band. Compared with the number of million-level base stations in the 4G era, the development of millimeter waves will promote the scale of base stations to exceed tens of millions in the 5G era.

It can be predicted that the full commercialization of 5G will push the construction and upgrading of the communication base stations. As a result, there will be a huge demand for high-frequency and high-speed PCB, and the PCB will meet the needs of a new round of upgrading and replacement.

Best Technology Met a Great Success in PCB West 2018

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Best Technology attended the exhibition–PCB West 2018 on September 12, 2018 (American Time). The exhibition has lasted for one single day. During the exhibition, there were a variety of engineers and purchasers come to visit, and most of them are interested in our printed circuit board, especially in the ceramic PCB and FR4 PCB. 

The customer is seeing the samples
Picture1: The customer is seeing the samples

Our salesman would explain the details about the capability to manufacturing, advantages and the distinctive features of the products when they saw the samples.  

Coco is explaining the details of PCB samples
Picture2:Coco is explaining the details of PCB samples

The customers wanted to know more about our company and factory after they saw the samples of PCB. As shown in the picture, the customer was negotiating with our founder Peter, hoping to build business relationship with Best Technology.


Peter is negotiating with the customer
Picture3:Peter is negotiating with the customer

The customer had a pleasant talk with Peter and was satisfied with our one-stop service of PCB & PCBA. It has laid the foundation for the further cooperation.

Taking a photo with the customers
Picture4: Taking a photo with the customers

0.15mm 2L Extra Thin PCB

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

The extra thin printed circuit means the thickness of printed circuit board is thinner than the normal PCB. For most of FR4 PCB, min thickness is 0.3mm or 0.4mm, whatever it is 1L or 2L. For 4L, it will be more about 0.6mm.

But sometimes, limited to space or margin, or needed by design purpose, people needs extra thin such as 0.25mm, 0.20mm, or even 0.15mm board. For providing customers with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory services, Best Technology also made the extra thin printed circuit.

For this 2L FR4 PCB, we are able to make it to 0.15mm±0.1mm. Then you can use it in SIM card, sensor card and so on. As shown, it can also be rotated 180 degrees.

0.15mm 2L Extra Thin PCB
Picture1: 0.15mm 2L Extra Thin PCB

Besides, we are able to provide the extra thin PCB with or without soldermask, and copper thickness for 1/2OZ, 1OZ. It depends on the needs of the customers.

Bare Extra thin FR4 PCB
Picture2:Bare Extra thin FR4 PCB

If any interest, please feel free to contact us:

Tiny Pad for the Single Side Ceramic Board

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

  In order to become the most creditable partner of customers, Best Technology is dedicated to develop the products that can meet the market all the time.The ceramic board has good prospects in the market because of its advantages. To begin with, it has resistance in very high or very low temperature (-55℃-850℃). What’s more, it is good in dissipation and thermal.

  For providing customers with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory services, Best Technology made a new single side ceramic board currently. It has a layer white solder mask in front and 1.0mm aluminum nitride in the back. Maybe it seems like aluminum substrate from the obverse side, but turning around you can know it is a ceramic board.

the obverse and the reverse side of the sample
Picture1:The obverse and the reverse side of the sample

  The most distinctive feature of it is that the pads on the surface are very tiny, and each small pad is combined into a circle just like the earth. Compared with other ceramic boards, the circuit of it is very small, too.

  The ceramic board has various advantages, it also can be applied in high power LED, solid state relay, electric power transmitter modules and so on.

  The specifications as below:

  The thickness of the copper: 35um

  1.0mm aluminum nitride


  Application temp: -55℃-850℃

  If you want to know more details about the ceramic board, please visit our website:

American customers visited Best Technology

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Providing customers with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory service is our mission. The high quality service of our company has attracted many customers to visit. On Aug. 9th, 2018, it was really our honor to have the nice American customers visiting Best Technology.

Taking a photo in Best Technology office
Picture1: Taking a photo in Best Technology office
Visiting the drilling house
Picture2: Visiting the drilling house

We have met each other before. The point to the meeting was to discuss the matters that something need to pay attention to cooperation in the follow-up. What’s more, they would like to get more information about our products, such as thick film ceramic PCB, thin film ceramic PCB and DCB Ceramic PCB.

Board routing process
Picture3: Board routing process

Meanwhile, the customers also wanted to visit our factory of printed circuit board to see the production process and capacity of the printed circuit board. So after the short meeting, we took the customers to visit the different workshops of production and explained the details that need to be paid attention to in each process of production.

  The customers were really satisfied with our services and looked forward to our next cooperation.

Irish customer visit Best Technology on Aug. 28th, 2018

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

On Aug. 28th, 2018, we had customers coming from Ireland. It is the first time that they have come to visit our company to see the samples. We talked about the current situation in UK and it will give our company more new chances to provide Circuit Boards to EU. Believe our Ceramic PCB will support them to develop more market in EU.

Customers see the samples in the meeting room

Customers see the samples in the meeting room

We also provide other kinds PCB to customers, such as Rigid-flex circuitFPC, metal core PCBCeramic PCB , as well as some  special PCB,  Heavy copper PCB High Tg PCB,   PCB assembly  products.

After seeing the samples, we had a delicious lunch:

Having lunch with customers

Having lunch with customers

As a professional PCB vendor, Best Technology is always dedicated to provide the most suitable products and most satisfied services for customers. If you would like to know more information, please click here:

UK Customer Visit Best Technology on Aug 9th, 2018

Friday, August 10th, 2018

It is quite a hot day Aug 9th, 2018. We have our nice UK customers visit us on such hot day. That’s really appreciated.
Both of them are very easygoing, we started to discuss the capability to manufacturing the 14 Layer PCB, customer were concern the impedance control well as well as other specification on the board such as the thickness of the immersion gold. Except FR4 PCB, We also showed other kinds PCB we made to customer, such as Rigid-flex circuitFPC, metal core PCBCeramic PCB , as well as some  special PCB,  Heavy copper PCB High Tg PCB,   PCB assembly  products.


After a short meeting in our office, we bring customer to see our PCB Manufacturing Production Line.
Firstly we showed customer our different Tests Equipment including Impedance Tester, Copper Thickness Tester, Gold thickness Tester, etc.


And then we bring customer to see the different process for how to make the PCB.
Developing Process


Drilling Process


E-Testing Process


After that, we go to our QA line to showing customer how we do the board inspection before we send out the PCB to our customers.


Customer was very happy and satisfy with everything they see in our PCB Plant.


Wish next time we’ll have chance to have lunch or dinner with customer to talk more.

Welcome Israel Friends visit us

Friday, April 27th, 2018

In the morning of April 24th, 2018, our customer from Israel visited our company. They are very nice and easygoing.

Firstly we had a short meeting in our office to discuss some PCBA projects and component, also we invite them to see our company’s video, which they know more about our capability on PCB, Rigid-flex circuit, FPC, metal core PCB, Ceramic PCB and lead time for different circuit boards.


After that, we moved to our SMT plant, where is only 15 minutes far from our office.

In our PCB Assembly plant, we show customers PCBA (SMT) process: First put PCB on Auto-loading machine, then transfer to Auto-Solder-paste-printer, after than go to the next step of components pick & place by SMT machine, after visual checking, board will go throw to reflow oven, QC will check each piece of board after reflowing and then do function testing, or move to AOI process to make sure all components are on the correct position and direction, as well as X-ray testing for the boards with BGA.


Each step was monitor and operators are following up with the SOP, to make sure quality is always controlled, and customer are interesting in how we test the assembly boards using testing fixture.



Customer is very happy with our SMT procedure and become more confident in placing more circuit board and PCBA order with Best Technology. After the meeting, we have a quick but delicious Chinese lunch together. And we will visit that customer in the end of May and believe by that time, we can do more things together, as well as good memories with each other.

Appreciate again for their valuable time to visit us, that’s our great pleasure to have that forenoon with them. Look forward seeing them again in Israel in the end of May.

We always welcome customer to visit us, so that they can know about what we can make, not only providing various types of printed circuit board, but also always supporting customer best service with good price.


Customer Oren and Amitay from Israel visited our company

Friday, October 14th, 2016

On Oct 14th, customer Oren and Amitay from Israel visited our company. They are very nice and smart, just arrived at our office without any more instruction. We’re old friends since 2011 but never meet each other in China. After drinking Chinese black tea, we had a delicious lunch: Chinese traditional Hot Pot and fried fish with red pepper.

Hot pot & fried fish lunch

Hot pot & fried fish lunch









We also took photo with some of sales girls in office. You can see, how happy we are!

In office with sales girls

In office with sales girls








After that, they visited our Printed Circuit Board factory to visit whole PCB manufacturing process. From initial PCB raw material cutting, CNC drilling, exposure, etching, copper platting, soldermask & silkscreen printing, CNC routing, V-cutting, to final opening & shorting testing, flying probe testing, FQC and packaging. We also introduce our special board such as heavy copper PCB, extra thin PCB.

PCB raw material CNC drill (1st drilling, to make PTH (plating through hole)

PCB raw material CNC drill (1st drilling, to make PTH (plating through hole)









PCB DES line (developing, Etching, stripping)

PCB DES line (developing, Etching, stripping)








PCB CNC Routing & Milling
PCB CNC Routing & Milling


PCB flying probe testing to test PCB opening & shorting

PCB flying probe testing to test PCB opening & shorting










After visiting whole process of FR4 Printed Circuit board and Metal Core PCB, they speak highly of us and also give us some suggestion to help us to improve our PCB manufacturing level and PCB quality. Thank you Oren and Amitay.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Israel in 2017.