UK Customer Visit Best Technology on Aug 9th, 2018

August 10th, 2018

It is quite a hot day Aug 9th, 2018. We have our nice UK customers visit us on such hot day. That’s really appreciated.
Both of them are very easygoing, we started to discuss the capability to manufacturing the 14 Layer PCB, customer were concern the impedance control well as well as other specification on the board such as the thickness of the immersion gold. Except FR4 PCB, We also showed other kinds PCB we made to customer, such as Rigid-flex circuitFPC, metal core PCBCeramic PCB , as well as some  special PCB,  Heavy copper PCB High Tg PCB,   PCB assembly  products.


After a short meeting in our office, we bring customer to see our PCB Manufacturing Production Line.
Firstly we showed customer our different Tests Equipment including Impedance Tester, Copper Thickness Tester, Gold thickness Tester, etc.


And then we bring customer to see the different process for how to make the PCB.
Developing Process


Drilling Process


E-Testing Process


After that, we go to our QA line to showing customer how we do the board inspection before we send out the PCB to our customers.


Customer was very happy and satisfy with everything they see in our PCB Plant.


Wish next time we’ll have chance to have lunch or dinner with customer to talk more.

The 12th Anniversary Celebration

July 11th, 2018

How time flies!

June 28th is the 12th birthday of Best Technology.


On this special day, we got together and had a big party to celebrate the successes of a year gone by and prepare for hard work to be rewarded in the new year.

When we think of yesterday, we never forget the sales amount is only $8,000.00 in 2006, but it will be around $8,000,000.00 this year.

Thanks to founder Peter and other member’s hard work, Best Technology keep growing day by day, and reach such a great achievements by far.

peter telling

Peter was telling us why we can make it.

The reasons are:

  1. We have rich experienceto manufacture Metal Core PCB (MCPCB), ceramic PCB and other kinds of PCBs, esp on some special boards such as heavy copper PCB (up to 30OZ), extra thin PCB (0.1-0.3mm), Rigid-flex circuits, so customers always only need to use us to meet all her different requirements of circuit boards.
  2. We have our own raw material factory for MCPCB, we can control the quality from sourcing the material.
  3. We can provide one-stop service(Manufacture PCB, source components and do SMT).
  4. The most important reason is we are alwayshold on to our mission: to provide customer the most suitable product and most satisfied services.



We are not only a best team, but also a harmonious family, we are together to fight for a better future in the coming 12 years.

Welcome Israel Friends visit us

April 27th, 2018

In the morning of April 24th, 2018, our customer from Israel visited our company. They are very nice and easygoing.

Firstly we had a short meeting in our office to discuss some PCBA projects and component, also we invite them to see our company’s video, which they know more about our capability on PCB, Rigid-flex circuit, FPC, metal core PCB, Ceramic PCB and lead time for different circuit boards.


After that, we moved to our SMT plant, where is only 15 minutes far from our office.

In our PCB Assembly plant, we show customers PCBA (SMT) process: First put PCB on Auto-loading machine, then transfer to Auto-Solder-paste-printer, after than go to the next step of components pick & place by SMT machine, after visual checking, board will go throw to reflow oven, QC will check each piece of board after reflowing and then do function testing, or move to AOI process to make sure all components are on the correct position and direction, as well as X-ray testing for the boards with BGA.


Each step was monitor and operators are following up with the SOP, to make sure quality is always controlled, and customer are interesting in how we test the assembly boards using testing fixture.



Customer is very happy with our SMT procedure and become more confident in placing more circuit board and PCBA order with Best Technology. After the meeting, we have a quick but delicious Chinese lunch together. And we will visit that customer in the end of May and believe by that time, we can do more things together, as well as good memories with each other.

Appreciate again for their valuable time to visit us, that’s our great pleasure to have that forenoon with them. Look forward seeing them again in Israel in the end of May.

We always welcome customer to visit us, so that they can know about what we can make, not only providing various types of printed circuit board, but also always supporting customer best service with good price.


What we have learned from 《The seven habits of highly effective people》

April 25th, 2018

In order to improve the working efficient of management team and staffs, Best Technology provide《The seven habits of highly effective people》to each staff; This book can inspire you in working, life, management, family and your future development; Best Tech sales team has learned how to improve themselves and realized their sales target with good habits.

Metal Core PCB sales is sharing her report

Metal Core PCB sales is sharing her report


PCB sales girl said that there is still a lot of things need to be improved. We should apply the knowledge what we learn to practice.

Metal Core PCB sales tiffany

Metal Core PCB sales tiffany

In Best Technology, we had a series products such as: Metal Core PCB ( MCPCB) 、 Aluminum PCB, COB MCPCB, Copper PCB, Ceramic PCBheavy copper board , HDI(1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3), Rigid-flex circuitshigh TGHDIhigh frequency (Rogers, Taconic), impedance controlled board, PCBA (SMT), our sales girls talked about how to supply most suitable product and best service to customer, we should communicate with customer effective and know their demand.

2, In order to achieve excellent team job, we need to listen and understand the different opinion from our team members; also when handle different customers, we should respect different habits, culture background from different customers, and solve their problem effectively.

3, Company’s goal: Becoming the special and best PCB partner in Shenzhen area in 2020. Let’s keep our target in our mind and try to realize it.  Good habits can help you a lot and also provide customer’s best service, to achieve the final win-win.

Also employee from purchasing department, QC and warehouse department had their learning

Engineering department is sharing his report.

Engineering department is sharing his report.

Learn more, practice more, and improve efficient. Be successful in your future.


More sharing from Metal dome sales, FPC sales, Marketing department, warehouse, Human resource department, Finical department, QC..

After sharing, all the employee had more feeling on these 7 habits and know how to improve themselves in future. We will always on the way to become the most reliable partner of customer and the most satisfactory company of employee. Welcome to contact us to try our printed circuit board and metal dome industry.


Chinese Lunar New Year holiday Arrangement

February 9th, 2018

We’re glad to let everybody know that we’re going to have Chinese Lunar New Year holiday from Feb 10th to Feb 24th and will resume on Feb 25th . As that holiday was in the Spring, so we also named it as Spring Festival, and everybody will back to their hometown to enjoy the longest happy time of the year.

Everybody in our company have worked hard, efficiently, tried every effort to reach our 2017 target. And finally, we have exceeded our personal limitation and got a prosperous 2017.

Now let’s have a good rest, relax ourselves, enjoy the happy time with family, friends. Thanks for their supporting that everybody in our company can work without worrying anything else.

We believe our team will be filled with more fresh energy after resume on Feb 25th. In 2018, let’s see how we can do, what supporting we will do for you, whatever you need is Metal Core PCB, Ceramic PCB, FR4 PCB, Rigid-Flex circuits, or PCBA (SMT) we will always treat you as the VIP of Best Technology, even it is only 1 pcs prototype. Where you are on the Earth, our replies always come in reach you within 12 hours!

Ring out the old year 2017 and Ring in the new year 2018

February 7th, 2018

All the guys in Best Technology have worked hard in 2017. Finally, we finished our sales goal successfully. In order to celebrate it and also reward the hard-working staffs, Best Technology hosted a banquet on Jan 28th,2017. Everyone can enjoy the time and have a good rest.

In 2017, The Aluminum PCB sales amount have ranked at the first place compared with the FR4 PCB, Flexible PCB, Ceramic PCB and metal domes. Ms Coco who takes charge of the Aluminum PCB  sales win the champion.

sales win the champion Ms Coco

sales win the champion Ms Coco

At 5 PM, all the staffs attended the evening party. Two beautiful hostesses announced the starting of party. Everyone gave their loudly and warm applaud.

Two Beautiful Ladies

Two Beautiful Ladies

Our CEO Peter who also is our PCB and metal dome sales manager gave a speech. He showed his appreciation for all the staffs, and also sincerely hope everything will be better in the new year 2018.

The CEO`s Speech

The CEO`s Speech

After the CEO’s speech, we started the games.

The Games

The Games

We had a good relax, and forgot the hard and pressure during the games. Everyone has a good recovery with enthusiasm and new energy.

We have a wonderful time in four hours party. Time flies fast. It’s time to take a photo and keep a good memory for this night. Big family, warm and nice.

Took a family picture

Took a family picture

At 9PM, evening party was end. Best Technology hosted a happy and successfully banquet.

2017 has passed, and new year is coming. We will hold hands and work together to provide better service and good quality products for customers.

If any interested about Ceramic PCB, Aluminum PCB, Rigid-flex, Heavy copper PCB, components purchasing and assembly,please feel free to Contact Us. Best Technology will provide our best service and products to our customers.

PCB website:




Welcome Back to Office, Welcome to Contact Best Technology

February 5th, 2017

Hello Everybody! We had backed to office on Feb 5! (The ninth day of first month of Chinese Lunar Calendar)

It’s a lucky and sunny day! We had 12 people backed to office (excludes people in factory) and according to Chinese culture, number 12 means every month will be lucky and full of successful!

Today one more girl back, tomorrow another guy will back. It’s a normal thing people didn’t back to office on the first day because there’re always something unexpected, such as Wedding, etc. In 2017, we had saw the new baby born of Tiffany’s, wedding party of Hanna, and this year we will see more baby and wedding!

Everybody was so happy to see each other after 2 weeks Spring Festival and eat the wedding candies, as well as checking and replying emails. We have a simple and colorful lunch together and in the afternoon went to Phoenix Mountain Forest for hiking.

Best Technology in Phoenix Mountain Forest

Best Technology in Phoenix Mountain Forest









This is a traditional activity on the first working day after New Year vacation in our company. We can talk to each other under the open air, everybody shared their stories and we always laugh when heard something interested happened during holiday.

Boy and girl with Company Vision

Boy and girl with Company Vision













We believe after such long vacation, all of our team members were fresh with energy and are ready to provide best service and suitable products to our customers. Looking forward to hearing more news from our customers, partners, friends and family, as well as looking for new people to join our team to make their dreams come true!

Happy Girls On Mountain

Happy Girls On Mountain













Best Technology Team Member on top of Phoenix Mountain

Best Technology Team Member on top of Phoenix Mountain















If any enquiry for Printed Circuit board, whatever it is heavy copper PCB (up to 20OZ), or extra thin PCB (0.15mm), Metal Core PCB (1-10 layers), Ceramic PCB, or SMT (PCBA), welcome to contact us. You will see how Best Technology can save your time and money!

Customer Oren and Amitay from Israel visited our company

October 14th, 2016

On Oct 14th, customer Oren and Amitay from Israel visited our company. They are very nice and smart, just arrived at our office without any more instruction. We’re old friends since 2011 but never meet each other in China. After drinking Chinese black tea, we had a delicious lunch: Chinese traditional Hot Pot and fried fish with red pepper.

Hot pot & fried fish lunch

Hot pot & fried fish lunch









We also took photo with some of sales girls in office. You can see, how happy we are!

In office with sales girls

In office with sales girls








After that, they visited our Printed Circuit Board factory to visit whole PCB manufacturing process. From initial PCB raw material cutting, CNC drilling, exposure, etching, copper platting, soldermask & silkscreen printing, CNC routing, V-cutting, to final opening & shorting testing, flying probe testing, FQC and packaging. We also introduce our special board such as heavy copper PCB, extra thin PCB.

PCB raw material CNC drill (1st drilling, to make PTH (plating through hole)

PCB raw material CNC drill (1st drilling, to make PTH (plating through hole)









PCB DES line (developing, Etching, stripping)

PCB DES line (developing, Etching, stripping)








PCB CNC Routing & Milling
PCB CNC Routing & Milling


PCB flying probe testing to test PCB opening & shorting

PCB flying probe testing to test PCB opening & shorting










After visiting whole process of FR4 Printed Circuit board and Metal Core PCB, they speak highly of us and also give us some suggestion to help us to improve our PCB manufacturing level and PCB quality. Thank you Oren and Amitay.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Israel in 2017.

Soldermask on Hole (Via) Without Opening

October 6th, 2016

Soldermask opening always is a very important thing for various PCB, esp. for rigid FR4 PCB. In previous article, we already discussed why soldermask opening & tented was not the same like original gerber file.

If you really want soldermask opening for hole (Via) less than 0.60mm, you should added special notice when placing order.

At the same time, there’s another method you can use: To increase the soldermask opening diameter, that means add an “Annular Ring”. Normally you will need to increase 0.10mm (4mil) on each side, so that there’ll be a 0.1mm “Annular Ring” around the hole/Via, that Annual ring will stop soldermask into the hole/via of PCB.

Because in a lot of design, if there’s Via/Hole, there’ll no opening in its soldermask file, maybe engineer think the drill will remove the soldermask and then there’ll no soldermask on these Via/hole of board. As mentioned before, if Via/Hole in Printed circuit board was less than 0.6mm, or around 0.65mm then it’ll be a problem.

See from bellowing pictures of PCB board:

0.635mm Drill hole (Via)

0.635mm Drill hole (Via)

(0.635mm Drill hole (Via)

This is the original PCB Gerber file, the diameter of drill hole was 0.635mm and there’s no soldermask opening on GTS (top soldermask) Gerber file. (Purple color was GTS, Yellow: GTL (top layer); Blue: Drill (PTH) file), and no Annular Ring.

So final circuit boards will be like belowing:

0.635mm Via covered/tented by soldermask

0.635mm Via covered/tented by soldermask












So you need to add at least 0.10mm (4mil) soldermask opening on each side of hole, so that there’ll be a 0.1mm Annular Ring, like bellowing:

Add 4mil Annular Ring on PCB Via

Add 4mil Annular Ring on PCB Via











Then that hole will become like bellowing:

Hole/Via without soldermask (soldermask opened)

Hole/Via without soldermask (soldermask opened)











We believe there’re a lot of other handling method about that soldermask opening, please leave your comments, or contact us to discuss more about that, and believe you will be happy to receive with the PCB with correct soldermask opening!

Why Soldermask Opening or Tented was not the same like the Original Gerber file?

August 29th, 2016

Recently customer compliant that the soldermask for some holes, esp for PTH (plated through hole, sometimes people named Via) was wrong, because in his original Gerber file, it was opened, but on actual printed circuit board, it was tented (covered), and some cases, some was tented and some was opened at the same time. It made customer confused.

In fact, there’s a default rule in PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing: If the PTH (Via) was less than 0.60mm, then the soldermask will be made as per factory’s default rules: making them as tented (covered), regardless it was tented or opened in customers’ original Gerber file.

Here you can see pictures showing a board with a 0.30mm PTH, soldermask was opened in original Gerber file, but in real board, it was tented.

0.3mm Via soldermask

0.3mm Via soldermask

And in this board, for 0.508mm PTH (via), some soldermask was opened and some was opened.

0.508mm Via soldermask

0.508mm Via soldermask

Why like that? Here are two major reasons:

1) For PTH(via) less than 0.6mm, normally the function was only to electrically connected trace, not for electronic components assembled; so whatever PTH was opened or tented, it doesn’t matter.
2) In rigid printed circuit board manufacturing, it’s not easy to etch away the soldermask around PTH less than 0.60mm. As soldermask was made by that method: printed whole area with oil (soldermask), then undergo develop & exposure, then pass the etching line. The chemical will etch away the oil accordingly to the drawing, but if the hole was too small (less than 0.60mm), then the oil around will be very difficult to etch away, so you will see some oil was etched away (soldermask opened), some oil still here (soldermask tented)

If diameter of hole was bigger than 0.60mm, then it’ll be easy to etch away and some of them will be used in assembly, so we will make according to Gerber file and you will see the board exactly like the drawing. See bellowing a picture showing a board with 0.889mm (0.035mil) PTH.

0.889mm Via soldermask opening

0.889mm Via soldermask opening

Sometimes, people just use these hole as testing point, not for assembly, then we suggest to add another PAD connected to this hole so that you can test it easy. To tested on hole was not stable as tested on a PAD.

In a conclusion, in future, if the hole was less than 0.60mm and you really want it to be opened, please add special notes when release order, and allow us to enlarge the opening diameter of soldermask (around 0.60mm) so that soldermask of these holes will be opened.

Please contact us if still any question about soldermask opening.