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MCPCB can be without solder mask?
Friday, March 25th, 2016

MCPCB can be without solder mask

Yes, we can make the MCPCB without solder mask! How to do MCPCB without solder mask?


  • First step, we use our dielectric layer and laminate with copper, so we get the material of this stack up

Top: copper foil

Middle: dielectric layer

Bottom: Aluminum or Copper or Iron substrate


  • Second step, etch copper to get the trace, the areas without trace will expose the dielectric layer, the color of 1W/m.K & 2W/m.K raw material is white, 3W/m.K is light blue.



3 w m/k dielectric layer is light blue

3 w m/k dielectric layer is light blue

2 w m/k dielectric layer is white

2 w m/k dielectric layer is white

  • Third step, do the surface finish, HAL-LF, OSP, ENIG, etc…,here you will kow for no Soldermask ,it have to do surface finishing for all circuits,so if you would like to protect parts of circuits layer and which don’t need do surface finishing.

MCPCB without solder mask have no bad influent the function of the board, so solder mask with or without, only depends on your requirement.please visit for metal core PCB if you would like to know more.

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The advantage and disadvantage of aluminum PCB
Friday, March 18th, 2016

The aluminum PCB is a unique metal base copper clad laminate , it has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and machining property.

The structure of aluminum PCB is divided into three layers.

First layer: base layer, it is the metal substrate, which can choose copper or aluminum.

Second layer: dielectric Layer, its thickness be from 0.003 inch to 0.006 inch.

Third layer: circuit layer, the copper thickness of the circuit is from 1oz to 10oz.

The advantage of aluminum PCB:

  • it has good heat radiation and better strength.


The disadvantage of aluminum PCB:

  • High cost.
  • The current mainstream can only do single aluminum PCB, it is difficult to do double sided aluminum PCB.
  • The product will be more easily to have matter in electrical strength and pressure.

Aluminum core PCB have good thermal conductivity but Ceramic PCB will better,if you would like to know more about the different from FR4,MCPCB and Ceramic PCB,pls visit to for more information.


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