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Superfast Internet 5G Brings Endless Possibilities for PCB

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Every day you can read about 5G in the news and it brings superfast Internet for daily life. Recently, China Mobile took the lead in opening a 4.9GHz 5G base station in Beijing. It is reported that the base station is located in the CBD (Central Business District) of Beijing, and the single-user download rate can be as high as 2.8 Gbps. The base station adopts Huawei’s 64T64R AAU5913, and the frequency bandwidth is up to 100MHZ, which can maximize the use of the current website to cover both 4G and 5G sites.

China Mobile opening the 4.9GHz 5G base station in Beijing will accelerate the development of 4.9GHz 5G in industrial chain. Meanwhile, it also brings endless possibilities for fields, including smart traffic, smart city, UHD (Ultra High Definition Video) etc..




Accelerating the application of 5G not only facilitates the development of above fields, but also opens up a lot of possibilities for printed circuit board. The building of base stations will need many PCBs with high frequency and high speed.

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