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The Application of AOI in PCB Inspection

AOI technology possesses the functions of PCB inspection, solder paste printing inspection, component inspection and assembly inspection after welding. In this article, we mainly talk about PCB inspection.

PCB Inspection

PCB inspection are mainly relied on the visual inspection combined with electrical inspection during the early PCB production. Best Technology, on the other hand, present many benefits of AOI testing to everyone. AOI testing is a popular choice due to the following features:

√ with the development of electronic technology, the wiring density of PCB is getting higher, which increases the difficulties in visual inspection.

√ Decrease the rate of mis-judgement.

√ Able to reduce harm to the health of inspector.

√ Save cost.

√ Avoid the electronic inspection technology can not inspect some defects.

PCBA AOI testing

AOI testing

In the process of printed circuit board manufacturing, there would be some defects on the substrate fabrication and copper clad. However, these defects are mainly produced after etching. By the way, AOI testing is usually used after etching and it is utilized to find out the missing or extra part on the rigid PCB.

Most defects can be found by AOI testing (excluding the missing inspection problem), but the main problem affecting its reliability is missing inspection. The dust produced in the processing of PCB could cause false warning, so the manual inspection must be carried out after using AOI testing to detect the defects.

Best Technology is the premier expert in manufacture of PCB and PCBA. Our unique AOI testing technology and high quality products give you a competitive supply of printed circuit board and rigid-flex circuit board. To learn more, contact us at 0755-29091601 or check our website: https://www.bestpcbs.com/.  After PCB inspection, we will talk about solder paste printing inspection in the next article, if you would like to know more, please click The Application of AOI in Solder Paste Printing Inspection


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