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Waymo to Launch Its Self-Driving Car Service in the Near Future

If you are fascinated by the driveless car, Waymo which possesses the most autonomous technology in the world should be known absolutely. A news came a few weeks ago from John Krafcik himself, the CEO of Waymo. During the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Tech D.Live conference, he announced that the Alphabet unit was planning on launching a driverless car service in the next two months, directly competing with Uber and Lyft.

On November 8, 2018, Waymo launched the driveless cars in Phoenix, Arizona, with no passengers in the front row but two engineers of data collecting in the back seat. Waymo established in 2016, and it soon acquired the relevant road test license, but in fact Waymo had began testing before its establishment. It looks like its driverless rides will hit the streets of Phoenix by the end of December. Or possibly early January.

Waymo does well in autonomous technology, but it still has shortcomings for cars. So they found Chrysler, a car brand of native American, which quickly agree with to work with former. Chrysler provided Waymo with 100 Pacificas cars and transformed them into driverless vehicles.

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