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DCB Ceramic PCB for Solar Battery

DCB heat-sinking substrate is mainly applied to Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV). DCB heat-sinking substrate for solar battery is fabricated by using bonding technology under high temperature. The conjuction between copper foils and ceramic is molecular linkage, without any adhesive or glue between copper foil and ceramic. Due to the great adhension between copper foil and ceramic substrate, DCB plate can suffer from harsh thermal cycling test, and isulating property and materail strength can last for several hundrd thousand hours under normal temperature. This is the special charcateristics belong to DCB only.

Becuase of ceramic material has high thermal conductive property, after bonding with copper foil, the whole DCB has a very low thermal resistance. In the succeeding manufacturing process, by the photoresist and chemical etching method and precision laser cutting technology, various accurate and complex trace patterns and outline can be produced on DCB heat-sinking substrate for solar battery.

Advantage of DCB Heat-Sinking Substrate for Solar Battery
  • High thermal conductive and low thermal resistance can increase the efficiency and operation lifetime of semiconductor chip.
  • Excellent thermal cycling performance and fine mechanic strength
  • High isolating strength
  • The thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of the silicon chip
  • Strong current conductive ability
  • Fine environment compatibility, no harmful elements such as Pb, Cr, and Hg, etc, and can pass the environment protection certification
  • Using DCB heat-sinking substrate for solar battery can efficiently reduce complexity (thermo-electric division) and cost of apparatus, increase isolating safety performance and long-time operating stability of device.
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