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THe DCB ceramic PCB for high power LED is mainly used for package of LED chip or COB module package with lower power multichip integrated technology. DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) ceramic heating sinking substrate used for high power LED (Light Emittering Diode) is compound material, and the copper foil are directly bonded onto ceramic base (aluminum-oxide (Al2O3) or aluminium nitride (ALN) under high temperature.

Because the bond between copper foil and ceramic substrate is formed by bonding technology, by using this DCB ceramic substrate as the heat-sinking, it will have stronger adhesive strength than commmon PCB material or thick-film ciccuit circuit material.

The ceramic dielectric strength endows with excellent thermal conductive performance and long-time material stability of LED package products. In other words, the isolating performance of LED products will not change with the increase of operation temperature and the number of thermal cycle. Further more, the DCB ceramic PCB has higher current loading and much better solderability than that of thick-film circuit.

Advantage of DCB PCB in High Power LED
  • High mechanicl strength
  • Excellent thermal conductive performance, suitable for high performance environment
  • Chemical corrosion resistance performance and mechanical wear-proof property
  • High electrical isolation performance
  • Fine smoothness and surface roughness
  • Super thermal cycling stability
  • Low warpage
  • Fine stability under high temperature environment
  • Can be processed into various complex patterns and outlines
  • The material is lead free, RoHS compliant
  • Resistant to ultra-violet ray and become yellowing
  • Can be package with monocrystal or polycrystal by multi-leg design

In a word, DCB ceramic PCB will give excellent product performance and cost control of industrial processing of high power LED products. Please contact us for more information about DCB ceramic PCB for high pwer LED.