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Outlook of Headphone, Outlook of Wearable Devices

People always find ways to decorate the electronic products those have been accompanied with them for a long time. Change a phone cover according to the dressing style or change a watch strap with different colors for Apple Watch. It seems that the technology devices have already become our accessories.

It has been a long time that technology combined with fashion. After all, a word “techno-fashion” became prevailing at the very beginning of 20th century. Therefore, we are able to see that Nike & Adidas do the same thing as a technology company — developing their new shoes. Meanwhile, Apple and Hermes launched Apple Watch to enter the luxury market.

It might be not very significant to say using technology to set off fashion or using fashion to set off technology, especially the wearable devices have begun to blend with daily dressing. And we have to admit that the headphone is the darling in the fashion crowds.

A number of NBA starts wore Beats to enter the field at the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games. Since then, Beats headphone has become a fashion item favored by many stars and it can be seem in the street shoots or portraits of stars such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, GD etc..

NBA's star wear Beats headphone in training

NBA’s star wear Beats headphone in training

Super model Cara wear Beast in street shoot

Super model Cara wear Beast in street shoot

Driven by Beast, headphone has become a fashion trend for many luxury brands. For example, the controversial fashion brand D&G launched their luxury headphone on the fashion show some time ago.

luxury headphone from D&G

luxury headphone from D&G

A lot of KOLs on Instagram are also fond of to show their own photos wearing AirPods. It seems like that AirPods has been their new earrings.

Some people hold that AirPods will be more easier to match their suits. A young man wore AirPods for his interview and he said that it was more fashionable. After all, advance technology is always more fashionable.

A young man and AirPods

A young man and AirPods

It is well known that headphone is a little gadget with small volume. Therefore, one of  the biggest challenges to make headphone integrates with wearable devices is that whether the components are small enough. For example, whether the printed circuit board are small enough to fit into the headphones.

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