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Chinese Lunar New Year holiday Arrangement

We’re glad to let everybody know that we’re going to have Chinese Lunar New Year holiday from Feb 10th to Feb 24th and will resume on Feb 25th . As that holiday was in the Spring, so we also named it as Spring Festival, and everybody will back to their hometown to enjoy the longest happy time of the year.

Everybody in our company have worked hard, efficiently, tried every effort to reach our 2017 target. And finally, we have exceeded our personal limitation and got a prosperous 2017.

Now let’s have a good rest, relax ourselves, enjoy the happy time with family, friends. Thanks for their supporting that everybody in our company can work without worrying anything else.

We believe our team will be filled with more fresh energy after resume on Feb 25th. In 2018, let’s see how we can do, what supporting we will do for you, whatever you need is Metal Core PCB, Ceramic PCB, FR4 PCB, Rigid-Flex circuits, or PCBA (SMT) we will always treat you as the VIP of Best Technology, even it is only 1 pcs prototype. Where you are on the Earth, our replies always come in reach you within 12 hours!

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