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Why the PCB Needs to Be Transplanted?

Sometimes there will be a cross marked on the printed circuit board of single PCS after it was fabricated. The cross on the board means that it will cause the parts wasting. Then how to avoid the situation like that? The best way is transplantation. The benefits of transplantation as following:

1. Improve the production efficiency of PCBs.

2. Use the high precision cutting equipment with CCD to cut the board with a cross and then transplant the fine PCS.

3. The transplanted fine PCS achieves the accuracy and strength of the normal PCB typing and meets the requirements of quality. So that realize cost saving and improve the efficiency of PCB manufacturing.

Since established in 2006, Best Technology is always trying its best to improve the quality of products. In this way, achieve cost saving for our clients and to be customers’ best partner of PCB and PCBA in China.

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