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2018 Electronica-A Sneak Peak of Electronic Components

Last week, 2018 electronica kicked off in Munich. The electronica started in 1964 and it has been become the largest as well as the most influential exhibition in the world.

There were various of electronic components exhibited, including switch device, power supply, printed circuit board etc.. The motto of 2018 electronica is “connecting everything”, showing the application of electronic components in various industry in the future, such as autonomous vehicle, intelligent industry and medical technology. With the development of automatic driving, the way of using vehicles has also become variety and the electronic components will be used in various fields.

People will pay more attention to the interior of the car. As one of the essential elements in the car, lighting must take functionality and design into account. The cars will no longer be simple room that a man can sit. It will be an extension of living space and a place for relaxation as well as work. The light in the car will not only provide lighting, but also provide a series of additional function. For example, the drivers are able to focus on the real-time traffic by using dynamic and different colors lighting.

1L aluminum PCB

1L aluminum PCB

LED is a nice choice for car lighting. Then what’s the nice choice for LED light? The aluminum PCB is one of a good choice for LED light. A vivid vision is painted like that there are full of cheerful chatting and laughing inside the car and the warming lighting make the room in the car do not cold, even though it is freezing outside the car. The aluminum PCBs of Best Technology will be your good choice for your warming LED lights. Choose us, you can always enjoy our best service at a good price.

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