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What’s the characteristics of the halogen free meterial?

Halogen free PCB becomes more and more popular, became it is environmentally friendly, and you can visit to our environment policy.Meanwhile the halogen free meterial also have to other advantages as below:



1.Because of using P or N to replace halogen atoms to reduce the polarity molecular bonds of epoxy resin, thus improve the quality and the insulation resistance of the wear ability.

2.with the probability of the water hydrogen atoms to form hydrogen bonds than halogen material, so the absorbent material is lower than conventional halogen flame retarding material. For material, low water absorbability to improve the reliability and stability of the material has a certain impact.

3.Halogen-free material is greater than the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in ordinary phosphorus-containing material halogen content, molecular weight and its monomer as well as Tg values are increased. In the case of heat, its molecular motor ability will be lower than the conventional epoxy resin, thus the halogen free material thermal expansion coefficient is relatively small.

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