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What’s the halogen-free copper clad materials

According to the JPCA – ES – 01-2003 standard: chlorine (C1), bromine (Br) is less than 0.09% Wt (weight ratio) of the copper clad, defined as halogen-free copper clad. (at the same time, the CI + Br total less than 0.15%  [1500 parts per million])  Most of the halogen free materials are mainly composed of phosphorus and phosphorus nitrogen.when the phosphorus resin burning, it will thermal decomposition by heating and generate partial poly phosphoric acid,the partial poly phosphoric acid have strong dehydration property to come into being the carbon film on the surface of the high polymer resin,to insulated resin burning surface is exposed to air, that the fire is extinguished, flame retardant effect.

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