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What is PI heating film?

With people’s pursuit of high-quality life, now many electronics products are designed including heating film. It is kind of emerging material in the current industrial development.

The heating film is divided into different temperature resistance grades due to the different materials, and it can be divided into different names due to the different internal heating mechanisms.

Today let us mainly to introduce the Flex heating film, which conductor is made of Polyimide film (PI), people also called it PI heating film, Kapton Polyimide Heater, Kapton heating film or Polyimide Heating Plate.

Flexible PI Heating Film is designed with various resistance circuits according to the customer‘s request, which use Polyimide film (PI film) as the outer insulator, and use metal foil as the inner conductive heating element, to laminate both materials together by high temperature and high pressure.

You can know more details about the Flex heating film when you check below stack up and photos.

As Polyimide Heater is kind of surface heating material, which forms the maximum heat conduction surface with the heated body, so such heating method has very good conductivity, and with the characteristic of fast heating and low thermal inertia

It can withstand 300 ℃ high temperature in the short term, and work below 160 ℃ in the long term.

In other hand, the thickness of the flex heating film is between 0.13-0.3mm, which makes such product very flexible and light, and occupies very small space on the entire product design. So Flex heater is very good for using on the situations where space and weight are limited, or where the heater is exposed to vacuum, radiation, oil or certain chemical substances.

Here the list for where the Flex heater mainly used in:

1. Heating of household appliances

2. Under cold environmental conditions, make the instrument reach the designed working temperature, such as camera defogging heating.

3. Vacuum heating and baking field

4. Car rearview mirror defrosting, radar snow removal, defrosting, etc.

5. Medical care and beauty equipment industry

The following are some products which includes the flexible Polyimide Heater inside.

Believe it will supply a good reference for you to know this product.

So, as you can see that the product with Flex heating improve highly for our life quality.  Our company has more than 15 years experiencing on manufacturing Flex PCB and Flexible heating film, if you are interesting to know more manufacturing details about PI heating film, you are welcome to contact us.

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