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What is the X-out board?

X-out board means that the boards are not qualified. The trace may damage during the production. Normally we will do some obvious mark to distinguish the X-out board.

When we make the boards in panel, it will be easy to have X-out board, and what’s more, when we panel several pieces board in a panel, there will be more pieces for X-out board.

Some of the SMT manufacture didn’t accept the X-out board, since it will influence the production efficiency.

But this kind of circuit board and can’t absolutely avoid in the process, so even the plate number, the more the number of circuit board factory scrap will be, the more relative costs will increase.

So circuit board manufacturers hope that the less number of plate, the better, because it can avoid the loss of X – board, the sheep wool or out, of course, if the board factory has been unable to overcome the loss of X – board, the final price will respond to the customer.

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