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The Harms and Solutions of Fingerprint on PCB

The fingerprint is one of the major disasters of PCB and it will also cause the poor products of PCB as well as deterioration of terminal user reliability. However, the manual operation will go through every step of printed circuit board manufacturing. Only every operator forms a good habit and stop touch the PCB with bare-hands, so that can reduce the fingerprint doing the harms to PCBs. As the professional PCB vendor, BEST would like to let you know more details of the harms and provide some solutions for you.

Do not Touch the PCB with bare hands

Do not Touch the PCB with bare hands

The Harms of Fingerprint on PCB
A. If the bare-hands touch the printed circuit board directly, it will result in oxidization of copper. After plating, the fingerprint will appear obviously. The outline of the board will be seriously poor if the plating layer is not flat.
B. Toughing the printed circuit board with bare hands before solder mask, it will decrease the adhesion of the green oil and the green oil will peel off because there are bubbles during HAL (Hot Air Leveling).

C. Touching the PCB after solder mask until package with bare hands will cause unclean surface of boards and poor soldering.
D. There is fingerprint with grease when print wet film or silk screen, it is easy to cause the adhesion of the dry or wet film to decrease, causing the separation of cementation and plating layer during plating.
A.It is required to develop a good habit about fetching and putting the PCB.
B.It must wear gloves when touch the printed circuit board.
C.Setting an example and keeping the rule of in mind–do not touch the board with bare hands.
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