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Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

Every electronic appliance in your home contains a printed circuit board (PCB). But do you ever wonder what happens to PCB’ s after they have been used? Tons of PCB’ s are thrown away every year, but thanks to some very creative people, used PCB’ s are being turned into artistic and functional products. We have selected some of our favorites below.

PCB Cufflinks

The PCB cufflink set is the perfect gift for the fashion conscious gent. Each cufflink uses a 16mm square of PCB. What makes these PCB cufflinks even more special is that no two sets will ever be the same.

PCB Cufflinks
PCB Cufflinks


Mr.Steven Rodrig, working for an OEM company, is exposed to PCB’ s often at his workplace and his prior knowledge of ‘Structural Mechanics’ led him to the interesting practice of modelling small sculptures from spare or used PCB’ s.

Steven’s PCB sculpting abilities stretch far beyond single objects or creatures, he can make full scenes from unused PCB’ s. Take a moment to appreciate the sheer intricacy of these sculptures. Countless hours of planning and practice must have gone into getting these to look so neat and tidy.


PCB Business Card

A savvy electrical engineer from The University of Waterloo thought up another fantastic purpose for PCB manufacture – his business cards, with an integrated USB connection!

Could this be a sign of the future? Imagine the data that could be passed over. Not just simple contact details and addresses, but full-on portfolios, video presentations, games, and any other form of digital media. This is a fantastic concept and a great use of PCB’ s.

PCB Business Card
PCB Business Card

PCB’ s have more uses than you might think. Just remember, Best Technology, always being here, dedicates to being your best supplier of printed circuit boards(PCB) with consistent good quality in Asia.

Difference between A Double Sided MCPCB and a Double Layer MCPCB

Monday, November 25th, 2019

Metal core printed circuit boards(mcpcb) are suitable alternatives for FR4/CEM1-3 variants. These circuit boards use metal as a core base material and are differentiated on the basis of their construction. There are a few types such as single layer, double layer, double sided, and multi-layer PCBs. What are heavily used in advanced electronic circuits are the double layer and double sided metal core printed circuit boards. These two types arise confusion due to their similar names. What are the differences between both? What advantages do they offer? Now you can get the answer from the following description.

Definition of a Double Sided and Double Layer MCPCB:

The double sided MCPCB and double layered MCPCB have different layout, due to the positioning of a metal core:

In a double sided MCPCB, the metal core lies in the middle of two conductor layers. There is also a dielectric layer between the metal core and a copper layer. The metal core and conductors are connected to each other through Vias. The SMD can be populated at the bottom and top.

A double layer MCPCB has a metal core at the bottom, with two conductor layers on its top. In short, the conductor layers lie in same side of the metal core. Generally, metals like aluminum, copper, and iron alloys are used as metal cores. The dielectric layer lies between a copper layer, and the bottom metal core. The SMD can only be populated on the top.

Advantages of Double Sided MCPCB and Double Layer MCPCBs:

Both these variants offer the same benefits as other metal core PCBs. They are as follows:

Reliable Performance at High Temperatures: Many double sided CEM3 or FR4 PCBs with high power and density face difficulties in heat dissipation. The CEM3 or FR4 material have weak thermal conductivity, which means the electronic components are destroyed at high temperatures. However, double sided metal core circuit boards feature a metal core, which has an excellent inter-layer insulation and thermal conductivity. Both these factors contribute to its reliable performance at high temperature.

Excellent Thermal Expansibility: Thermal expansion and contraction is an important feature of all objects. The ability to contract with cold, and expand with heat is termed as coefficient of thermal expansion. Most FR4 PCBs have low CTE, which means they cannot effectively deal with issues of contraction and expansion. However, both double sided and double layer PCBs can effectively deal with thermal expansibility. Thus, they are in demand.

Applications of Double Sided MCPCB and Double Layer MCPCBs:

LED lights

Street and general lighting

Industrial controls

Power monitoring devices



Test equipment

The choice of the either type will depend on your application requirements. If you are still confused about the two types and their benefits for your application, you can always approach an industry expert or a reliable metal core pcbs manufacturer like Best Technology, which provides different types of MCPCBs in diverse specifications.

How to Choose a Professional PCB Assembly Company

Monday, November 18th, 2019

Hardware designers requiring turnkey PCB assembly services usually face tremendous obstacles for their need of prototyping and small batches. Large companies with huge inventory needs and long delivery horizons can wait for days or weeks for a proposal, while accepting large minimum quantity requirements. For them, delays associated with overseas manufacturing are no big deal. However, these conditions are simply unacceptable for small industries, engineers, makers, and entrepreneurs.

Best Practices of PCB Assembly Vendor

Selecting the professional PCB assembly company at the beginning determines the success of a project. Therefore, picking the right PCB assembly services provider becomes a highly important decision to be made. One must watch out for those offering very low prices, but subsequently are unable to provide the services, record of accomplishment, infrastructure, and technology to back up their promises. Rather, one must insist the PCB assembly services have the essential features, offer the services, and follow business practices such as:

Instant Quotations

Waiting for days or weeks and trading a bunch of emails only to find out the cost of a PCB assembly, is not only a waste of time, it is expensive. A vendor offering instant, online quotations is always preferable. In general, although all vendors will start by sending a quotation for the project, therefore, selecting one who gets the process off painlessly is advisable. Moreover, selecting the vendor who gives an estimate in terms of quantity offtake helps in determining capital needs and product prices.

Prototyping Requirements

Most customers, before placing their order, want to make sure their PCB works exactly as intended. This may require making a few iterations to perfect the design. So far, prototyping was a big challenge under the old manufacturing model. However, Best Technology is willing to handle even a single quantity.

Minimum Order Requirements

Earlier, PCB assembly services were unable to accept production runs of small quantities. Older technology did not allow profitability in smaller numbers, which turned out to be a major challenge for everyone. However, use of modern technologies allows easy combination of small orders into larger ones, while switching from one task to another is no longer a major hurdle. Therefore, professional PCB assembly providers accept all types of order, regardless of quantity, and execute them at reasonable prices.

Seamless Manufacturing

With advancement in PCB assembly technologies, it is no longer necessary to track multiple vendors and suffer long lead times. A modern PCB assembly solution such as the Best Technology, offers a platform to resolve any assembly problems, online and from anywhere and takes over the sourcing, purchasing, and assembly of the components. With this approach, the product can be expected to be available in days.

Looking Beyond PCB Assembly

The PCB happens to be only the first step of the many for most inventions and products and PCB Assembly is an especially non-negligible process. Quality can only be assured by finding a reliable company.

Campus Recruitment of Best Technology

Saturday, October 26th, 2019

It’s nearly November, and you know what that means — a new crop of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed graduates have thrown their caps in the air and are turning their full attention to the job market. There is no doubt that Best Technology would be bound to take this chance, so Peter, our general manager and Celine, our salesgirl went to Hunan University of Arts and Science (the Alma Mater of Jessie) to open this grand recruitment party on Oct 26, 2019.

Look back on the past, there have been many fresh energy joining in us this year, which witnessed the strong development pace of Best Technology without exception.

The recruitment site was overcrowded and many of the graduates stopped by our stand as they were deeply attracted by our company’s culture and core value and what was introduced by Peter and Celine when going further.

At a time when China’s economy is so severe, there must be a certain reason why our company can continue to grow and expand its team.It is believed that Best Technology will become stronger and stronger under the leadership of Peter, our general manager.

Wish the campus recruitment a complete success.

Thank You to our Visiting Customers

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

This week we have been lucky enough to have a lot of customers visit us. We really enjoy it when we have customer visits. We get a chance to talk to them face-to-face and give them a tour of Best Technology. What’s even better is being able to meet people and get to know them.

Our customers get to see all of the people who are involved in serving our customers and get to meet many people from teams all across our company – from sales team to product management, our leadership team, and marketing.

Why do we like customer visits so much? Sure, we get to show off our facilities, such as our testing and certification. We work hard at making these facilities second to none in the industry. But that’s not why we love it. We love when our customers come to see us because it’s human.

Seriously, no matter how much technology evolves, business is human. Business is done by people. A purchase is an exchange between people. We embrace this and don’t ever want to forget it.

You can have all the technology in the world making business more convenient, less expensive, easier and faster. This is all stuff in the middle. At the ends are people. The technology is an interface… an intermediary… a medium… or a vehicle.

Now and then it’s nice to get rid of all of that stuff in the middle.

Things move pretty fast day-to-day. People are busy. We all have things to do and deadlines to get them done. This is why we appreciate the time to look our customers in the eye, shake their hands and thank them for choosing us. It matters to us. We want people to really know how grateful we are to be working with them. It’s fantastic when we have that opportunity.

To all the customers who visited us this week, thank you for spending your time with us. We enjoy getting to know you and your businesses better. We hope you enjoyed your visit and hope you come back to see us again.

Best Technology’s Exhibition in PCB West 2019

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Best Technology attended the exhibition–PCB West 2019 on September 10, 2019 (American Time) in Santa Clara. The exhibition lasted for one single day.

During the exhibition, there were a variety of engineers and purchasers coming to visit, our sales team explained the details from the capability to manufacturing, advantages and the distinctive features of our products to our visiting customers. The visiting customers spoke highly of our profession and most of them shew great interests in our one-stop PCB, PCBA, aluminum PCB, ceramic PCB and FPC services.

The customers wanted to know more about our company and factory after they saw the samples of PCB. As shown in the picture, the customer was negotiating with Peter, our general manager, and Celine&Marina, our salesgirls, wishing to build business relationship with Best Technology.

The customer had a pleasant talk with Peter as well as Celine&Marina and was very satisfied with our one-stop service of PCB,PCBA,aluminum PCB, ceramic PCB and FPC services, which has laid the foundation for the further cooperation.

Thanks for the visit from all the customers, wish to see them again in the near future.

Best Technology’s Exhibition in SANTA CLARA

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

Best Technology will be participating in PCB West exhibition at the convention center in SANTA CLARA on Tuesday, 10th, September 2019. PCB West attracts nearly 3,000 visitors comprising of designers and engineers and more than 100 exhibitors each year.

You will see 10mm to 1,500 mm flexible circuit board, from 2 layer rigid-flex circuit to 50 layers, 1/2 OZ copper to 3 OZ, 0.15mm extra thin FR4 PCB to 30 OZ heavy copper, turn-key service includes FPC, PCB, MCPCB, Ceramic PCB, components purchasing, Product Assembly.  Welcome to see how much we can save your time, your money!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit the Best Technology booth and find out more about the technology, services and solutions that we can deliver to you and your customers.


Feel free to get in touch with us to schedule a meeting ahead of time at

Canadian Customer’s Visit in Best Technology

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

On July 24th, 2019, Peter, the CEO of Best Technology, personally met with a customer from Canada and accompanied the customer to conduct on-the-spot investigations of our company.

In our office

First, Tiffany, the manager of the business department introduced the basic situation of our Best Technology company to Canadian customer: our company’s competitive advantage, previous years’ performance, customer service process, and the strength of our company’s R&D team. Then, Tiffany took the sample book to explain to the customer in detail about the products and services that our company can provide.

In our factory

Next, Peter, the CEO of Best Technology and Tiffany, the business manager led the customer to visit the PCBA factory, introduced the various links of our production in detail from the initial processing equipment to the packaging area.

After the visit, Peter, the CEO of Best Technology and Tiffany, the business manager had a hearty lunch with the customer.

German Customer Visiting Best Technology

Saturday, July 13th, 2019

On July 11, 2019, a customer from Germany came to Best for a visit, and all the staff of our company warmly received the guest from afar.

The feeling that the German customer gave us all was very polite. When the customer arrived at our company, he said hello to the colleagues of our company very kindly, and specially prepared sweet candy for everyone!

Warm welcome German Customer

Taking a photo in the office

Our company’s colleagues gave a detailed introduction to our main business and related product expertise for our customer, as well as our control of product quality, rigorous selection of PCB board material, advanced PCB production equipment and mature manufacturing process!

Peter, the CEO showed German customer around our PCBA factory. German customer asked about each procedure and process of our PCB factory, as well as the details of product quality control! How to ensure the delivery time of the product! I believe that through our efforts we can certainly bring a satisfactory visit!

In the PCBA factory

As a leading brand of PCB, this visit not only deeply reflects the advantages of Best in the industry, but also shows the strong pace of Best in the future international trade market. Best will continue to adhere to the “Quality is first, quantity is second” purpose of the company, conduct a strict process in controlling the quality of PCB products, to bring customers premium products and services.

Best Wish From Best Technology 13th Anniversary

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Last Friday is the 13th anniversary of Best Technology. Hereby Peter, our general manager, and all of the colleagues would like to give the best wishes to our clients, suppliers and partners. Thanks for the great support and belief from them and we look forward to creating a brighter future with them.

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