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Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

Every electronic appliance in your home contains a printed circuit board (PCB). But do you ever wonder what happens to PCB’ s after they have been used? Tons of PCB’ s are thrown away every year, but thanks to some very creative people, used PCB’ s are being turned into artistic and functional products. We have selected some of our favorites below.

PCB Cufflinks

The PCB cufflink set is the perfect gift for the fashion conscious gent. Each cufflink uses a 16mm square of PCB. What makes these PCB cufflinks even more special is that no two sets will ever be the same.

PCB Cufflinks
PCB Cufflinks


Mr.Steven Rodrig, working for an OEM company, is exposed to PCB’ s often at his workplace and his prior knowledge of ‘Structural Mechanics’ led him to the interesting practice of modelling small sculptures from spare or used PCB’ s.

Steven’s PCB sculpting abilities stretch far beyond single objects or creatures, he can make full scenes from unused PCB’ s. Take a moment to appreciate the sheer intricacy of these sculptures. Countless hours of planning and practice must have gone into getting these to look so neat and tidy.


PCB Business Card

A savvy electrical engineer from The University of Waterloo thought up another fantastic purpose for PCB manufacture – his business cards, with an integrated USB connection!

Could this be a sign of the future? Imagine the data that could be passed over. Not just simple contact details and addresses, but full-on portfolios, video presentations, games, and any other form of digital media. This is a fantastic concept and a great use of PCB’ s.

PCB Business Card
PCB Business Card

PCB’ s have more uses than you might think. Just remember, Best Technology, always being here, dedicates to being your best supplier of printed circuit boards(PCB) with consistent good quality in Asia.

How to Choose a Professional PCB Assembly Company

Monday, November 18th, 2019

Hardware designers requiring turnkey PCB assembly services usually face tremendous obstacles for their need of prototyping and small batches. Large companies with huge inventory needs and long delivery horizons can wait for days or weeks for a proposal, while accepting large minimum quantity requirements. For them, delays associated with overseas manufacturing are no big deal. However, these conditions are simply unacceptable for small industries, engineers, makers, and entrepreneurs.

Best Practices of PCB Assembly Vendor

Selecting the professional PCB assembly company at the beginning determines the success of a project. Therefore, picking the right PCB assembly services provider becomes a highly important decision to be made. One must watch out for those offering very low prices, but subsequently are unable to provide the services, record of accomplishment, infrastructure, and technology to back up their promises. Rather, one must insist the PCB assembly services have the essential features, offer the services, and follow business practices such as:

Instant Quotations

Waiting for days or weeks and trading a bunch of emails only to find out the cost of a PCB assembly, is not only a waste of time, it is expensive. A vendor offering instant, online quotations is always preferable. In general, although all vendors will start by sending a quotation for the project, therefore, selecting one who gets the process off painlessly is advisable. Moreover, selecting the vendor who gives an estimate in terms of quantity offtake helps in determining capital needs and product prices.

Prototyping Requirements

Most customers, before placing their order, want to make sure their PCB works exactly as intended. This may require making a few iterations to perfect the design. So far, prototyping was a big challenge under the old manufacturing model. However, Best Technology is willing to handle even a single quantity.

Minimum Order Requirements

Earlier, PCB assembly services were unable to accept production runs of small quantities. Older technology did not allow profitability in smaller numbers, which turned out to be a major challenge for everyone. However, use of modern technologies allows easy combination of small orders into larger ones, while switching from one task to another is no longer a major hurdle. Therefore, professional PCB assembly providers accept all types of order, regardless of quantity, and execute them at reasonable prices.

Seamless Manufacturing

With advancement in PCB assembly technologies, it is no longer necessary to track multiple vendors and suffer long lead times. A modern PCB assembly solution such as the Best Technology, offers a platform to resolve any assembly problems, online and from anywhere and takes over the sourcing, purchasing, and assembly of the components. With this approach, the product can be expected to be available in days.

Looking Beyond PCB Assembly

The PCB happens to be only the first step of the many for most inventions and products and PCB Assembly is an especially non-negligible process. Quality can only be assured by finding a reliable company.

First Week Training after the Outdoor Training

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

In order to strengthen the ability of members at Best to serve for clients better, the responsible person of the team who carried out an outdoor training for us in Dongguan came to Best Technology to conduct an in-depth training for us last Saturday.

The training belongs to a new type training mode, the feature of which is to combine training with application so as to implement the training realizing the training content being applied in enterprises, team and individuals to achieve the changes of thinking model and behavioral model and obtain an expected results.The core of this training is to promote upgrading of the organizations and growth of team members.

The upgrading of organizations contributes to promoting transformation and creation of enterprises as well as cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises. And the training focused on helping the growth of employees. The more valuable results can be supplied after growth of employees and in this way, the enterprises can develop rapidly.

The team members were very positive and full of enthusiasm and got a better understanding of what was required to be solved urgently through this training.

It is always our goal to supply the most satisfying products for our clients. We prefer to losing quantity rather than compromising quality.

To learn more, please log on 

3 Steps to Recycle PCB

Friday, January 25th, 2019

Everything will break if it has been operated for a long time, especially electronic products. However, the broken items, which can be recycled, are not completely waste, and the printed circuit board is the same. With the development of technology, the amount of electronic products increase rapidly. Their operating cycles are shortening and many products are discarded without damage, resulting in serious waste. Meanwhile, there are some substances of electronics will d harms to the environment. Therefore, it is required to recycle them.

There are many kinds of metals in PCB, including aluminum, copper, gold etc.. It also has amount of high polymer from petroleum directly or indirectly, which have high calorific value. They can be used to generate energy as well as related chemical products. Many of them are toxic and harmful, and if discarded, they will cause great pollution.

1. Paint Removing

The surface of the printed circuit board is coated with protective metal, so it is required to remove the paint if you would like to recycle the PCB. The paint strippers can be divided into organic one and alkaline one. The organic paint stripper is highly toxic and harmful to human body and environment. It can be dissolved by heating with sodium hydroxide and corrosion inhibitor.

 2. Crushing

After the paint on the PCB was removed, it will be crushed by the methods of impact crushing, extrusion crushing and shear crushing. Ultra-low temperature freezing crushing technology is commonly used, which can cool the tough materials and make them fragile and crush, so that metal and non-metal can be separated completely.

3. Sorting

The material after crushing need to be sorted according to the characteristics of its components such as density, particle size, conductivity and so on. The methods of sorting usually can be divided into dry and wet methods. The dry sorting includes dry screening, magnetic sorting,  density sorting, etc.. Wet sorting includes hydrocyclone classification, flotation, hydraulic shaker, etc. In this way, the separated substances can be reused.

Best Technology is the premier expert in PCB manufacture of electronics, brings a unique combination of technology and quality that offers a competitive supply of printed circuit board and PCBA. With high qualified engineers, we are able to help you find a PCB with high quality. To find out more, contact Best Technology at 0755-29091601 or check the website:

The Harms and Solutions of Fingerprint on PCB

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

The fingerprint is one of the major disasters of PCB and it will also cause the poor products of PCB as well as deterioration of terminal user reliability. However, the manual operation will go through every step of printed circuit board manufacturing. Only every operator forms a good habit and stop touch the PCB with bare-hands, so that can reduce the fingerprint doing the harms to PCBs. As the professional PCB vendor, BEST would like to let you know more details of the harms and provide some solutions for you.

Do not Touch the PCB with bare hands

Do not Touch the PCB with bare hands

The Harms of Fingerprint on PCB
A. If the bare-hands touch the printed circuit board directly, it will result in oxidization of copper. After plating, the fingerprint will appear obviously. The outline of the board will be seriously poor if the plating layer is not flat.
B. Toughing the printed circuit board with bare hands before solder mask, it will decrease the adhesion of the green oil and the green oil will peel off because there are bubbles during HAL (Hot Air Leveling).

C. Touching the PCB after solder mask until package with bare hands will cause unclean surface of boards and poor soldering.
D. There is fingerprint with grease when print wet film or silk screen, it is easy to cause the adhesion of the dry or wet film to decrease, causing the separation of cementation and plating layer during plating.
A.It is required to develop a good habit about fetching and putting the PCB.
B.It must wear gloves when touch the printed circuit board.
C.Setting an example and keeping the rule of in mind–do not touch the board with bare hands.
Best Technology is the premier expert in PCB manufacture of electronics, brings a unique combination of technology and quality that offers a competitive supply of printed circuit board and PCBA. With high qualified engineers, we are able to help you find a PCB with high quality. To find out more, contact Best Technology at 0755-29091601 or check the website:

Fantastic Banquet in Best Technology

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

All works and no play makes Jack a doll. All the guys of Best Technology have worked hard in 2018. In order to reward the members who worked really hard, we had a fantastic banquet on January 18, 2019.

At 7 PM, all the staffs attended the party and the party kicked off with the cheering and applaud. To begin with, our general manager Peter gave a speech which showed the conclusion of 2018 and his ambition for 2019.

Peter gave a speech

Peter gave a speech

After the speech finished, we began to reward the staff one by one. Compared with the ceramic PCB, FR4 PCB and metal dome, the flex circuits got the first place. Mrs Celine won the sales champion of flexible PCB.

Celin won the champion of sales

Celin won the champion of sales

Compared with last year, we have more entertainment programs in the banquet of 2018. Dancing, singing and games, all of these programs made us feel relax and forgot the pressure of work.



What a fantastic banquet we had. Time flies, the beautiful night quickly came to an end and we took a family picture to remember this party.

Family picture

Family picture

2018 has gone, and we will hold hands and work together to achieve the gold of 2019. since throwing his hat into printed circuit board, Best Technology is always dedicated to uphold our mission:to provide the most suitable products and the most satisfying service for our customers. If any interested in rigid PCB, rigid-flex PCB or ceramic PCB, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 0755-29091601.

The Application of Ceramic PCB in Communication Industry

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Time goes by, the communication of human being still reforms constantly. We are surrounded by various of communication tools, including broadcasting, mobile phone, GPS etc.. And they have become an indispensable part in our daily life. The reason why they are able to serve for us is not only depend on the development of science, but also benefit from a kind of media–antenna. Antenna is the key to the communication. If there is a problem, the connection of signals will be lost.

The antenna can be used in various environments, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of itself. In order to ensure that the antenna can work normally, it is necessary to ensure its quality, whether in the selection of material or in the production process.

Ceramic PCB

Ceramic PCB

The common printed circuit board can not meet the performances of the antenna. Nowadays, the most suitable product is the ceramic PCB. The ceramic PCB possesses various benefits as following:

  1. The dielectric constant is small.
  2. Low loss in high frequency.
  3. Having good performance in signal transmission.
  4. High boding strength between metal layer and the substrate of the ceramic PCB.
  5. With good performance in insulation. It will appear high voltage during the antenna is working, but it is incredible dangerous for human being. The ceramic PCBhas nice performance in insulation and the resistance in breakdown voltage is up to 20KV/mm which is able to protect human safety effectively.
  6. It can be used in high density assembly. The line space resolution of the ceramic PCBis able to reach 20μm, so that the lightness and thinness of the communication equipments can be realize.

Ceramic PCB

Thick film ceramic PCB

As a professional printed circuit board in China, Best Technology is always dedicated to catch up with the development of times to fabricate ceramic printed circuit boards with high quality. Withe the development of communication, we would love to provide products that offer a competitive supply of thick film  ceramic PCB and thin film ceramic PCB and other ceramic PCB products. To find out more information, contact Best Technology at 0755-29091601 or check the website:

Welcome Our Customer from India

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

On January 9, 2019, we had a visitor from India. Best Technology thanks for having such an excellent partner.

John talked a lot with our general manager Peter and the members of business development department. John brought the material of SMT for us and hope we can make SMT for him. He was satisfied with our company culture and signed his name on the company cultural wall after the meeting came to an end and we took a picture with the client in the office of Best Technology.

Signed the name on the wall

Signed the name on the wall

Took a picture in the office

Took a picture in the office

After that, in order to know more something about capability in manufacturing of us, a member of business development department–Tiffany accompanied John to visit our SMT and PCB factory. They got an exclusive factory tour of Best Technology’s factory.

John and Tiffany in SMT factory

John and Tiffany in SMT factory

John and Tiffany in the PCB factory

John and Tiffany in the PCB factory

The client was satisfied with our high-tech equipment during the visiting. As the professional vendor of printed circuit board and PCBA in China, we will always uphold the mission–to provide the most suitable products and the most satisfying service for customers.

3 Defects of Putting Nitrogen into Reflow Oven

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

We have talked a lot about the defects of putting nitrogen into reflow oven before. Thus, today Best Technology would like to discuss some defects of putting nitrogen in to the reflow oven with you.

reflow oven

reflow oven

√ Nitrogen is very expensive.

√ If the heating effect is better, there will be tombstone effect happening on the resistance and capacitor. This effect is beneficial to most of components, but it will deteriorate the tombstone effect of the small chip.

√ Besides, the nitrogen will also increase the wicking effect of soldering tin, allowing the soldering paste along the fillet weld of the components to climb to a higher place. Maybe it is good for some fillet weld of components, but it is not friendly for some connectors. Because the fillet weld of connectors is the connected to other components. It will cause other problems if tin flows into these connections. What’s more, it will lead to short circuit if the tin climb to a higher place as the fillet welds of connectors are very closely.

PCB with components

PCB with components

Best Technology, a professional PCB solution provider, is always dedicated to catch up with times. Our unique technology and high quality products will give you a competitive supply of printed circuit board and PCB assembly and make your wearable devices more excellent. To learn more, contact us at 0755-29091601 or check our website:

5 Benefits of Putting Nitrogen into Reflow Oven

Monday, January 7th, 2019

The reflow oven is one of the indispensable equipments in SMT. Putting the PCB with components goes through the reflow oven then the solder paste adhering on the printed circuit board will melt. After the solder paste getting cold, the components will adhere to the PCB stably.

Picture of reflow oven

Picture of reflow oven

After you have learned something about reflow oven, have you ever know how to make the reflow oven work better? Here are 3 benefits of putting nitrogen into reflow oven listed as following:

√ It is able to make the surface tension of solder paste get smaller which is good for the components adhering to the PCB more easily.

√ It can decrease the oxidization in a certain. Because the nitrogen is a kind of inert gas which is hard to produce chemical compound.

√ Reducing the rate of void. Because the rate of void decreases with oxidation.

√ Nowadays, some manufacturers also develop to put nitrogen in wave soldering oven. It is able to decrease the speed of oxidation of liquid tin in the bath. As the slag of tin will be formed when the liquid tin contacts with air. After that, the slag of tin will adhere on the printed circuit board. If it happens to the connect between two spots of tin, it will cause short circuit.

√ It can increase the rate of tin feeding of pin components and then they will combine with the printed circuit board firmly.

PCB with components

PCB with components

Best Technology, a professional PCB solution provider, is always dedicated to catch up with times. Our unique technology and high quality products will give you a competitive supply of printed circuit board and PCB assembly and make your wearable devices more excellent. To learn more, contact us at 0755-29091601 or check our website: