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Tg 130 VS Tg 170

Q: As a newcomer in PCB industry, I am really confused in the word--high Tg 170. The price of Tg 170 is higher than Tg 130, so I would incline to go with Tg 130 if I would like to take an order of printed circuit board. But I am not sure of my option. From a professional vendor perspective, which one is better?

A: Please check High Tg PCB to know more about the definition of Tg if you still confused with it. General speaking, the higher the Tg, the more stable the material is during the PCB & PCBA/SMT manufacturing process, because the board will not affected so much by high temperature.
The temperature of PCB hot lamination is around 180-200C and in reflow oven in PCBA process is 200-240 C @10-30 Seconds. If you want to make multi-layers (more than 10 layers) with blind & buried via, that means you need several times of hot temperature lamination, then high Tg material will be recommend.
More important, if the working temperature of your boards after assembly is around 130C or more than that, you have to use 170 high Tg material so that board will not be changed and keep whole product reliable.

As well, the higher the Tg, the more expensive the material is.

Which one is better? The main factor should be considered here that is PCB application & complexity. For normal PCB use in normal temperature less than 100C, Tg 130 is Okay, for high temperature application products, or multi-layer PCB, you will need High Tg materials.