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Mid Autumn Festival & National Holiday Arrangement

How time flying! The Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day is coming, please kindly note that our holiday schedule is as below:

Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday: Sep 19-23, back on Sep 24

National Day Holiday: Sep 28-Oct 5, back on Oct 6

Lead time of any circuit boards (FR4 PCB, MCPCB, Ceramic PCB, Rigid-flex Circuit) will be postponed 2-5 days, and this situation will be better at the end of Oct, according to our history. So if any order urgently, please tell our sales reps and we will communicate to get a better solution.

Normally people will eat the Moon Cake under the sky, drink the tea (green tea or flower tea), chat with family, relatives. And this is the reason why that Festival also name “Moon Cake Festival”, but please don’t eat too much Cake because of too much carorie ^_^. And this days friends & classmates cannot meet each other because everybody has to stay home with their parents, kids, brothers and sisters.

Our staff will have a trip to Beijing during Sep 19-23, and lucky enough we can enjoy the beautiful moon in the airplane in the evening of Sep 19, thirty thousand feet high, so we will be more nearer than most of people whom stay home:-)

If you like, we can share some pictures after back from holiday. So please write your comments here, my friends.

Wish everybody has a nice holiday too!

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