Best Technology-Listening to a speech from Le Jia

On April 23, some of the members from Best Technology attended a speech from Le Jia in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. This speech is very significant, surrounding a theme of how to make a good speech. Le Jia, as a famous speaker, made comments on every speech made by the attendees. His comment was so pointed that everyone felt so impressive.

Speech from Le Jia

People who attend this speech are almost the elites in all the industries. So, it is really our honor to have an opportunity to participate. And we cherish this opportunity so much.

Best Technology is a company focusing on the growth and development of employees. All the members learned a lot from this speech and believed they would make the most of what they learned to apply in the work subsequently.


Colleagues from Best

It is always our goal to supply the most satisfying products and service for our clients. Everyone at Best is dedicating to making greatest contributions to Best. Also, Best Technology is dedicated to becoming the best supplier of printed circuit boards in the industry.

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