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Tg 150 VS Tg 170

We have received questions about “What’s the difference between Tg 150 and Tg 170? or which one is better in the options of Tg 150 and Tg 170?”

It is true that one will be puzzled in Tg 150 and Tg 170 if he does not involve in the PCB manufacturing industry. For FR4 material, the normal Tg is between 130°C to 140°C. The medium Tg is over 150°C, but the high Tg can go up to 170°C or more. Such as 180 °C. The printed circuit board should be burning-resistant in the manufacturing process and more important, keep the stability of board dimension (X, Y, Z). As general rule, higher Tg is better. However, it will increase the difficulty in mechanical process if the Tg value is too high and increase the raw material and manufacturing cost. So the substrate should be selected with high Tg and easy to process.

The major factor to consider whether use 150 or 170 Tg PCB material is the working temperature. If it’s less than 130C/140C, then Tg 150 material is okay for your PCB; but if working temperature is around 150C, then you have to choose 170 Tg.

If you are not sure about what material you should specify, ask your PCB vendor or click here High Tg PCB to more information about high Tg products. The engineers from Best Technology are highly qualified and experienced, we can handle any complex PCB designs, and know both our PCB process & Capability and customers’ special requirements of PCB.