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Heavy copper PCB FAQ

Newbie will have many questions for heavy copper PCB when they do the job for heavy copper PCB design,and good news is that here will list some FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) to help newbie to work better for their heavy copper PCB.

Question 1: What is the minimum thickness of  4 and 5 and  6 layer 20 Oz boards ?

Answer 1: 4L & 6L: Min Thickness: 1.6mm

Question 2: Can we also have additional 2  x 1 Oz layers with a 4 or 5  or 6 layer 20 Oz PCB ?

Answer 2: Yes, you can design 1OZ copper layer together with 20OZ layers

Question 3: Can you mix different copper thickness on one board, such as 10 OZ on Top & Bot but 5OZ on L2 & L3?

Answer 3: we can make 10OZ mix with 5OZ at the same board. Just make sure copper thickness on the same layer should be the size.

Question 4: Any plated through holes (PTH) and vias and clearances in all layers have to follow the 10 OZ size rules!

Answer 4: Yes, it has to follow up the rules for the layers which has thickest copper thickness.  For Via, maybe you design 0.2mm on 1OZ, but as you know, this VIA also go through the 1O OZ layer, so you have to consider the 10 OZ layer. If this PTH is a blind or buried hole, then things will be different. For clearness, 1 OZ layer doesn’t need to follow up rules of 10 OZ layers.

Question 5: how to calculate PCB trace width, current, temperature rise?

Answer 5: You can find details links online: http://circuitcalculator.com/wordpress/2006/01/31/pcb-trace-width-calculator

Meanwhile if you would like to know more about heavy copper PCB design guide,or you have a questions for your heavy copper PCB design job or other questions about PCB,pls don't hesitate to contact us,we are always her for your PCB job.