New ERP System Leads the New Breakthrough of Best Technology

  Best Technology always holds the mission that provides customers with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory service, so our company decided to launch the new ERP system in September 2018.

  With the expansion of the market, the demand for printed circuit board is increasing to a higher level. The increase in orders is especially in the products of printed circuit board, such as single layer MCPCB, COB MCPCB, two (double) layers MCPCB, double Sided MCPCB and so on. The launch of the new ERP system will optimize the process from order to shipment and make the operations of business get faster and more convenient.

  During the training, the members spoke actively and participated in the practical operation of the ERP system.

Members are discussing
Picture1:Members are discussing
Explaining how to operate ERP system
Picture2:Explaining how to operate ERP system

  The training not only improves the understanding of situation in work, but also make the management of enterprise get more scientific. Besides, it also shows the company’s determination to become the most distinctive supplier of printed circuit board and metal dome solutions of Shenzhen in 2020.

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