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The most important heavy copper PCB design guide and DFM (design for manufacturing) is the line width and line space for heavy copper PCB, meanwhile the DFM (design for manufacturing) is very important for heavy copper PCB because most of PCB design guides will not meet heavy copper PCB. Lots PCB supplier can manufacture PCB with 3 mil ~ 4mil line width and line space as min trace/space, but it is not meet the requests of heavy copper PCB, 3 mil circuit line width is always for 0.5 OZ or 1 OZ copper layer on PCB, but not for heavy copper PCB (3 OZ ~ 20 OZ copper PCB), you know PCB manufacturer can't do 3 mil line line space for 20 OZ PCB, this is why PCB designer have to consider the DFM.

Meanwhile, you can visit heavy copper PCB and FAQ of heavy copper PCB for more information.

A) Line Space & Line Width on heavy copper PCB

When design the board, you should consider relationship between Minimum line space (refers to Min LS later) and Minimum line width (refers to Min LW later). And to have a bigger value will make the board easier to be made.

Relationship between
copper thickness and LW & LS

Normal Parameters
(For Better Price)

Copper Min LW Min LS Copper Min LW Min LS
2OZ 0.20mm 0.23mm 2OZ 0.20mm 0.23mm
3OZ 0.25mm 0.28mm 3OZ 0.30mm 0.30mm
4OZ 0.35mm 0.33mm 4OZ 0.40mm 0.40mm
5OZ 0.45mm 0.38mm 5OZ 0.50mm 0.50mm
6OZ 0.60mm 0.43mm 6OZ 0.60mm 0.60mm
7OZ 0.70mm 0.48mm 7OZ 0.70mm 0.70mm
8OZ 0.80mm 0.53mm 8OZ 0.80mm 0.80mm
9OZ 0.90mm 0.58mm 9OZ 0.90mm 0.90mm
10OZ 1.00mm 0.63mm


10OZ 1.00mm 1.0mm
11OZ 1.10mm 11OZ 1.10mm 1.10mm
12OZ 1.20mm 12OZ 1.20mm 1.20mm
13OZ 1.30mm 13OZ 1.30mm 1.30mm
14OZ 1.40mm 14OZ 1.40mm 1.40mm
15OZ 1.50mm 15OZ 1.50mm 1.50mm
16OZ 1.60mm 16OZ 1.60mm 1.60mm
17OZ 1.70mm 17OZ 1.70mm 1.70mm
18OZ 1.80mm 18OZ 1.80mm 1.80mm
19OZ 1.90mm 19OZ 1.90mm 1.90mm
20OZ 2.00mm 20OZ 2.00mm 2.00mm
Min: Minimum
LW: Line Width (Trace Width)
LS: Line Space (Trace Space/Margin/Clearance)


B) Min Plated Through Hole (PTH) Diameter
PTH should be >=0.3mm; copper ring annular: 0.15mm

C: Wall copper thickness for PTH: Normal: 20um-25um, and Max 2-5OZ (50-100um).

D) Max layers: For heavy copper, max layers we can make is 10L.

Board thickness should be >1.6mm for 20OZ copper.
Impedance control, high Tg, are not workable for heavy copper.
Min Via: 0.3mm.

E): Max board size: 400x300mm is the most economical. Bigger size (500x500mm) also workable but cost will be much higher.

If you would like to know more information about heavy copper PCB or know the questions for heavy copper PCB in order to avoid mistakes when you design heavy copper PCB,you can visit other pages on our website or contact us for help directly.

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