No Perfect man, But Perfect Team

Have you ever watched Marvel’s The Avengers? It is a movie telling a story that several superheroes get together to fight the bad guy Loki Laufeyson. Even if they are superheroes, but the team-work is still needed. So just let alone the ordinary people.

In order to build a stronger team to serve our customers, the sales team of Best Technology took part in an outward bound with other 60 companies from October 20, 2018 to October 21, 2018. A good team spirit and a positive attitude towards life are the basic qualities for success. The outward bound not only can temper our will, but also broaden our horizon.


                    Picture1: we are together

During the outward bound, the coach made us to feel the remarkable power of a strong team by the game. After the game, our sales team share their feelings as following:

To begin with, the leadership in a team is very important. A team without leadership just like a boat without direction, a car without wheels or a tree without leaves. In addition, the cohesiveness of a team is significant, too. The team will be a mess if the members do not in a good teamwork. As the old saying goes: “More hands makes light work.” Finally, everyone is only one of his kind. Therefore, it is required to adjust according to the member’s characteristics in the game.


        Picture2: our sales team

Faced with many difficulties at work, sometimes we fight alone, but sometimes we need to get together and find a best way to walk out the dilemmas. Only in this way, can we meet the hope and chance.

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